Thinking your way into inactivity…

To quote a very old saying, ‘Ignorance is bliss’.  I’ve just run across that in development. 

A little bit of background:  My company just hired a friend of mine to work on my development team.  This is good.  He brings some excellent planning skills and he thinks VERY far ahead.  Unfortunately, that’s almost the opposite of how I think.  My attitude has become, ‘Get it done’.  I’ve noticed that, in business, it’s the results that count, not the process.  Now, good process will eventually lead to good results.  Most business, though, want results as soon as possible.  Thinking long term makes things scale well, but at certain costs.

The triangle rears its ugly head again.  Quality, speed, and price.  You can have one easily, two with a normal amount of work, but rarely all three without people who are willing to personally sacrifice everything for the work.

Back to the original point.  Our new programmer has great ideas.  Some of them take time to implement.  This can get frustrating to all involved.  We NEED to change, but do not have the time to do it.  Then, to have someone come in an point out those changes make things even worse.  <grin>  Fortunately, things settled have down quickly, and all parties are happy.

We now return to your regularly scheduled blog….