After having a really crappy motherboard for almost a year, I FINALLY got a BIOS update that seems to have fixed all the issues I have been running into.  This is the 5th version of the BIOS for my particular motherboard.  All I ask is that I can switch which drive I boot from.  So far, trying to switch drives around has caused the BIOS to freeze so hard that I had to re-flash the BIOS.

I did discover a very, very cool thing about the board, though.  The BIOS flash utility is built into the BIOS itself.  All I have to do is copy the BIOS file to a CD, then start the utility on startup.  It finds the file and flashed the BIOS automaticly.  Very cool feature that fixes the problems with having to have multiple BIOS flashing utilities for different Operating Systems.

Good job guys.


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