A friend of mine just had a great ‘small victory’.  Rick finally got his KVM switch working the way he wanted it.

I had a similar ‘small victory’ on Friday.  My car’s computer had been trying to tell me something because when I pressed the brake, the clock and various lights on the car would dim.  Plus, when I clicked on my left hand turn signal, the same lights would click in time with the signal.  If it was at night, though, the turn singal would click double time.  So, I reasoned out that it was a ‘error code’ to the user (me).  I had noticed one of my tail lights was looking weird, so my thought was to have the tail lights changed.  Now, I usually let the dealer fix anything wrong on the car, as I have a wonderful tendency to make things go wrong (see previous stories with computers ).  This time, being broke and a little bit stubborn, I decided to try to fix it myself.  It turns out that my car owner’s manual explains how to change the bulbs.  I went and bought the bulbs and the special screw driver, and changed all the bulbs.  Presto!  That’s what the computer was telling me. (Doh!)  For a grand total of $15 and maybe 20 minutes of my time, I did what probably would have cost me $40 and an hour of time at my service center.  Hurray for a small victory!


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