A little bit of background:  I have been involved with music in some way, shape or form since I was 3 years old.   I have played guitar since I was 15, and tried to play with a couple of bands during that time.  Unfortunately, time, job, and general interest has pushed me from not even trying to find a band for the last 1-2 years.  When my job situation changed last year, I finally have had time to devote to finding a new band.

I recently came across an ad looking for a guitar player.  My initial contact led me to the band’s old set list, which had a couple of songs that I know, but a lot that I would have to learn.  I started to learn some of the songs, but was a little depressed, thinking that I probably would not do too well.  Then, yesterday, I got a email with the current set list.  There were enough songs on the list that I know, and have played with a band to feel a LOT more comfortable.  Wish me luck!


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