I found a great article on Design Diagrams.  Aarod Junod has a wonderful article on using UML in designs.  I’ve got to start looking into some sort of diagramming tool for work, it is far easier to get people to ‘look at the pretty pictures’ than to dig through pounds of print.  I know that *I* go to sleep reading design docs.  Now, if only I could find a good tool that can round-trip with C#, be easy to use, cheap, extendable, well-supported, have good support for printing, and integrate with some sort of documenting program…. (I’m not asking for much )


3 thoughts on “Designs and Diagrams

  1. Thanks for the comments on the article! I’ve been trying to read something either about design, or something I’m having difficulties groking before I head off to sleep.. Seems to help me understand whatever I was reading (also was a suggestion in Head First Design Patterns (awesome book)).As for UML thats tightly integrated, look at together. I had some issues with together that you can find on my blog, but they may have cleaned those up since a new version was right around the corner last time I checked.After thinking about it some more, I have taken a stance that I don’t want my UML in the IDE, and also don’t want it updated with code. My reasoning is design and implementation are two totally seperate activities. In many cases, my designs do not go down to the method level, they are usually semantical representations of what needs to be built. In that context, I want the original intentions of the diagram preserved, not updated as implementation comes down the pike. This also allows you to easily (without looking to version control) compare your original designs to the final code (which can either easily be reverse engineered into a new uml diagram set, or browsed with something like reflector). In other words, the code is the final design (hopefully with unit tests to validate that design).For a UML tool, I would highly suggest Sparx Enterprise Architect. It’s very affordable, full featured, and easy to use as both an individual, or on a team. Search google or my blog for sparx for the url.Again, thanks for the comments on the article 🙂

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