I confess, I’m an info junkie.  Blogs and RSS have been the greatest thing since sliced bread for me. I love to be ‘in the know’, especially with computer hardware and software. Unfortunately, I’m also a skeptic. I believe little of what I hear. The combination produces someone who reads a lot and accepts the writing as fact, but doesn’t listen to the people around him.  My friend and co-worker pointed this out to me today, as ideas that he has spoken about have been ignored UNTIL an article is found. In fact, he sent me a link for an article over 3 months beforehand that was ignored until the problem the article dealt with finally reared its ugly head! I am starting to rectify this behavior.  Now, I’ll take notes when he talks so that I can follow up with the ideas sooner!  I really dislike the fact that I had good information well before the problem arose, and I ignored it until the last possible second.


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