Michael Stuart has some great thoughts about Pragmatic Engineering.  I especially like YAGNI.  Most development shops refer to this as ‘gold plating’.  *Dave waits for the explosion from certain co-workers.* I have one thing to add, though.  Which shop is a developer going to be happy at?  One who does ‘good enough’ or one that does the ‘full monty’?  Which shop will ultimately makes money?  Where do the developers want to go?  Which shop produces what over what amount of time?  What is the ultimate goal of either shop?  There’s an article about a camera company who changed their spec, seemed to fall behind, bu then became the market leader because they did ‘what’s best’ instead of ‘what’s easiest’ or ‘what’s accepted’.  I wish I could find that article…

As to where I stand?  I tend to lean towards the pragmatic approach.  I love Ferraris, but darned if *I* can afford one…


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