As I mentioned before, my friend Rick picked up a Mac Mini the other day.  I had mentioned some development environments for use with the Mac that are fairly popular.  I want to get a Mac myself, and probably will at some point in the future, but there is one small problem… I’m a .NET DEVELOPER!  What can I do?  Well, there are a couple of things, actually.  Mono is a third party implementation of C# (according to the ECMA standards) and a .NET compiler / runtime environment.  Mono is interesting because the development is sponsered by Ximian, which is owned by Novell.  There’s some very serious development going on with Mono, as it has become the defacto non-Windows implementation of .NET.  There is Portable.NET, but Mono seems to be the leader.  Going to have to check it out.


One thought on “.Net on a Mac…

  1. Hi,I’m a .NET developer and planning to migrate one computer from Windows to Mac mini. It is a test to get into the details of a Mac OS. Mono is the base that I would like to use but I had a lot of trouble with the mono runtime because it has a lot of bugs. I lost one customer due to a memory leak in mono and I wasn’t able to hold the deadline.I see a chance in the field of applications on top of the new spotlight functionality.My german blog contains some informations about my way to a Mac mini in the next weeks.

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