It seems like I’m my most prolific starting about 9:30 pm and running until 11:00 pm.  If my old english teacher had assigned it as homework, I’d NEVER have done it.  In fact, at one point in school, keeping a journal WAS assigned as homework (well before the internet took off).  I ended up writing a given time period’s journal entries the day before and just backdating the entries.  (The more things change, the more they stay the same…)  Why is blogging so different?  Why is it that I can spend 1-2 hours a night writing and not feel bad about it? 

It’s really scary how many words a blog entry takes up.  My friend Rick just found the limit to what his blog engine could handle (something like 1200 words per entry).  He split his thoughts up to two entries totally over 1500 words.  That’s a LOT, folks!  Especially considering that the average Male usually says only 7500 words a day.


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