It just hit me why things have been kinda dull lately.  Imagation, and the lack thereof.  I’ve been pouring over lots of books and stories and movies and articles and sucking all of it in.  My mind can picture what I read, but it has had a hard time expressing who *I* am.  Lately, my life has been cold hard facts, with small bits of fun thrown in, but nothing ‘earth shattering’ or ‘mind blowing’.  I admit, my life requires a certain level of ‘boring’ especially when it comes to food.  I get sick and have mind crushing headaches when I eat different foods.  This causes me to try to maintain a certain level of normalicy in parts of my life.  Also, my job is about consistency.  I have a goal to deliver code and ideas on time and on budget.  Of course that rarely happens, but…

Now, here’s where the imagination comes in.  To break out of these ruts, one first has to be able to picture one’s self in that particular situation.  I’ve had a hard time imagining myself in any other situation, because, frankly, I enjoy the life that I lead.  I know what I like and have been able to gerenate and maintain a certain comfort level.  Unfortunately, this seems to also be holding me back.  To be the best at something, one must know one’s limits.  This means trying to go beyond those limits, which sometimes leads to crashing and burning…  Not having crashed and burned lately tells me that I haven’t been pushing my limits.

Ok, enough rambling, back to a regular, boring blog… (for now)


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