This weekend I had a real interesting experience… A co-worker asked if I would hook up her DVD player to her TV.  Me, being ‘Mr. Technology’, gladly accepted the challenge…  And it was a doozie.  The TV only had one plug for a cable connection, and the DVD player didn’t have a cable pass through!  Ack!  One quick run to Radio Shack to purchase a connection kit, and all was well…

During this time, we were discussing past relationships, and she mentioned that her last boyfriend had been a ‘computer guy’.  Unfortunately this was *NOT* said in a positive light.  She basically said that he sat on the couch with the TV remote in one hand, and a mouse in the other.  And, because of this, he’s no longer in the picture.

Later that evening, as *I* sat on my couch watching auto racing, some small facts about that snippet of conversation sunk in.  I started to take a hard look at what I enjoy doing.  And, unfortunately, I realized that I’m falling into the couch potato concept.  I don’t watch TV, but I really like to stretch out on the couch with a book, and my cat curled up in my lap.  If I’m not reading, I’m working on the computer.  Sometimes it’s for work, but mainly it is just a way to waste time.  I have not been practicing guitar much, and I cannot think of things to do that are enjoyable.  Most of my time is spent with my mind at work and trying to solve the day-to-day mysteries.

I’m beginning to realize that I *need* to get out more.  Being single with an apartment, there are few responsibilities that *require* me to get out.  It’s sad when I go play ‘handyman computer/electronics guy’, not because I want the money, but that I want something to do.


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