Newsgroups that is.  Even though I have switched to C# completely, I was still interested in the ‘goings on’ of Borland, Delphi, and Together for .NET.  A couple of things that have happened to Borland finally pushed me over the edge to dropping even casual interest in their products…

First off, Delphi 2005 patch 3.  Three patches in 6 months?  And it still doesn’t resolve a majority of the issues?  Plus no more patches, as they are already working on 2006?  That is UNACCEPTABLE…  Borland used to have a curse that was ‘avoid the even number releases’.  Delphi 2, 4, 6, and CERTAINLY 8 hit that mark (although 6 wasn’t too bad).  Now, they’ve had two releases in a row that have been disasters.

Second, Together for .NET.  Is ANYBODY actually using this product?  We bought version 2  for our shop, seems decent, but not earth shattering.  Refactoring was the best thing about it, plus it was only ~$150.  BUT, it had some wonderful bugs… There are at least three different versions in the wild (with NO differentation that they exist).  Only one version will load the projects from the other two.  And good luck finding ANYONE who knows what’s different.  So, then Borland releases an ‘update’ called version 3.  It’s supposed to be a fancy ‘bug fix’.  The price jumps from $150 to $1500.  Yes, you read that right a 10x INCREASE in price.  No upgrade option at all.  They didn’t even have the product listed on their site until at least a month after the ‘demo’ was released.

Finally, while working on Delphi 7, I came across a hideous bug… an expression changed its result depending on whether there was an intermediate variable or not.  This was in the ROUNDING code, and could have been anywhere.  I’ve decided to stick my head in the sand on this one…

Sorry Borland.  I was one of the bigger fans of Delphi.  Heck, I went so far as to interview for them several years ago.  I have kicked myself long and hard for turning down a truly wonderful offer that they made.  Maybe it wasn’t such a bad decision after all…


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