I’ve been living on Windows XP 64 for a couple of months now.  I ran into one problem recently that completely baffled my mind.  When installing ATI video drivers, I was getting an error ‘fail to set install registry key’ when trying to install the update.  There is very little info on this problem, and many people are getting upset. 

Turns out, there’s a reason for the failure.  Security and the windows registry do NOT go hand-in-hand.  A registry key gets locked, and the install process cannot overwrite it.  Instant failure.  Now that the problem has been identified, what’s the solution?

  1. Download a program called supershell.
  2. Run the .exe in the zip program.  When you get the command prompt, type Regedit and hit Enter.
  3. Find HKEY_Local_MachineSoftwareWow6432Node.
  4. Delete the keys for ATI.
  5. Reboot the computer and reinstall the drivers.

That should do it!


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