Wow, Friday night… where do I begin?  First off, a friend from work had some tickets to see a band at a local club, so I ended up getting to see Collective Soul.  Started the evening with a little snack after work, then we went down to stand in line to get in the club.  After waiting for a half hour to get in, we hung around near the front of the stage.  After some cheezy ‘Las Vegas’ dancers did a number, the opening act came out.  To be honest, I started out going, ‘Get to the main act!’.  These guys quickly won a hostile audience over.  They were good, and they happened to be from Tennessee (my home).  By the end of their set, people had a good vibe going.  Another cheezy dance routine, and then Collective Soul hit the stage.  These guys know how to put on a show!  2 hours of music, and only one or two ‘slow’ spots.  People were dancing from beginning to end.

This DEFINITELY makes me want to start being serious about playing guitar again.


One thought on “Being reminded of WHY I do all the stuff I do…

  1. OMIGOD LUCKY! collective soul is such a great band! lol just HAD to say that……have fun and remember to hail to the soul machine

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