Ah, finally, some energy has come back.  There has been some light at the end of the tunnel, and hopefully, it will not be another oncoming train…  One thing that has helped is a new project at work.  Why does that mean MORE energy?  This new project is allowing me to test some of my ideas about software development and coding.  These ideas are a direct result of having FAR too much time to THINK about such things…
I’ve been trying to ‘live like a monk’ to save a little bit of money, so that mean less entertainment and more education.  (I’ve probably got more computer books than any given Waldenbooks in the mall, and it’s time to read them ALL).  I’m beginning to realize that the Refactoring book that is listed on my book list is one of the ABSOLUTE MOST IMPORTANT books that a programmer can have in his/her library.  I have a running discussion with one of the guys on my team about code duplication, and I think refactoring is one way to help that.  The more I read, the more I understand about how to approach fixing the issues he keeps bringing up.
Ok, I’m wandering… back to my random thoughts…

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