Apple is starting to become iCrack (Rick’s term) for the masses…  Here’s how…
  1. iTunes is free.  Works on Windows or Macintosh.  It has quickly become the ‘killer app’ for the online music community.
  2. iPod shuffle…  Cheap way to carry around the iTunes music.  Doesn’t break and still works with Windows and Mac.
  3. iPod… More music, a little more expensive.  Is popular because ‘everybody’s got one’.  Once a person gets to this level, they start to realize that Apple has very good end user designs (maybe not those exact thoughts, more like, ‘it works the way I want it to’)
  4. Mac Mini or iMac… Cheap way to get a Mac…  After going into the Apple store for all the iPod stuff, a person gets enough demos to realize that OS X is a LOT nicer than Windows.
  5. Powerbook… The laptop of choice for Mac users.  Part ease of use, part fashion statement, sort of like the iPod of the Apple computer line.
  6. Powermac… For serious power users… Runs EVERYTHING smoothly, plus allows for easy tinkering.  In fact, the design allows for VERY EASY upgrades.
  7. 30" Cinema display… Finally, the ultimate level of Apple addiction.  A user will  mortgage his/her soul to get one of these things, and consider that he/she got a better bargin…

I’m about to undertake the 4th Step…  Uh-oh…


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