I thought this would be a wonderful, relaxing weekend reading a book, and watching some ‘fun’ movies…  That notion tooks a VERY quick left turn, starting Friday.  I was asked to come in on Saturday, so that shot my Friday night fun out the window. 

I DID get to watch an episode of Battlestar Galatica.  I remember watching the original as a kid (my mother LOVED Loren Green).  I aways like the neat toys on the show. Well, watching the new show is NOTHING like the original.  The new one is DARK, and I mean VERY DARK.  There is very little focus on space ships or stuff, but a huge focus on the characters and story.  And both the characters and story are GOOD.  Scratch one light memory from the childhood days…

I spent most of my Saturday at work, doing some very serious cleanup.  After a full work day Saturday, I came home and started to read Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.  Now, when I read, the world can completely crash, and I will not care.  I was able to get about halfway through the book before going to see a movie.  HP 6 is definitely FAR more serious than any of the books before it.  Again, more darknes than the light hearted weekend I was expecting.

Next was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  Good movie, creepy, but still fun.  The original book is more sinister than most people realize, so this movie ended up NOT being light and funny like the one with Gene Wilder.

Finally, this morning, I finished HP 6.  I’m still in shock, and will have to re-read almsot the entire series to see how well the pieces fit…


Well, I now headed back to the real world, and I hope IT will be brighter than the weekend…


One thought on “So much for trying to be a kid this weekend

  1. David, I could sense the rejoicing throughout your simple life depicted in simple words. This feeling is good. I like your cat pictures. The little creature is really cute. I, too, a person who loves cats so much. Unlike dogs, cats always have their own characteristics and somewhat independent that makes people feel distant in face of them.Peace,Mian

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