What an awesome day!  I don’t get too many of these, so I thought I’d share…
I’ve just started a project at work that has allowed me to do a LOT of coding, everything from test cases, to web pages, to reports.  (I know, not the most glamorous of software development, but still very interesting).  I had a pretty good start on some of the classes before I left last night.  I had gotten a base class and one of the derived classes working when I went home.  So, I had a great starting point for the morning.  I was able to implement the other derived classes.  During this time, I noticed that the code was getting slower with each change I was making (NUnit rocks!).  After trying a couple of solutions, I hit one that cut the run time from 130 seconds to 87 seconds.  Not too bad for a three line code change.  So, by lunch, I had a working report with about half of the data.
After lunch, I had an urgent request to do a code change.  We are in the process of adding a fax server to our network, and we are writing code to incorporate the ability to fax out reports that are generated from our web sites.  My co-worker had written the code to actually send the fax, but we needed a modification to the report preview component.  I had originally written the previewer, and had some good test cases to allow for coding changes.  I did a LOT of changes, eliminating some duplication, and made the interface much more usable and cleaner.  I was able to fix the places where my changes broke code, plus I was able to fix a problem that was getting a little out of hand.  By 6:00, the code was in working order for the things that I had touched, and I have a list of things that have to change tomorrow.  I was able to compile and run with the known issues.  What a great stopping point.  After that, I had a nice discussion about work with my boss.
Life is very definitely good.

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