My friend Rick did a quick overview of his initial impressions of Apple’s new Mighty Mouse.  I had a few moments to play with one at a different Apple store, and I have a little bit different opinion.  Here it goes…
First off, I LIKE the current 1-click Apple mouse.  It puts a lot less stress on the finger by having the weight of the hand do the click, not the finger.  I have realized how much I DISLIKE the windows mice after just a few short weeks with my mac.  I don’t like the scroll wheel, as it hurts my fingers (I know, I’m a crybaby on this one).
After spending just a few minutes with the Mighty Mouse, I fell in love.  Right clicking will take a little bit of getting used to, but it seems intuitive enough.  The big surprise was the scroll button.  I was expecting something like IBM Thinkpad’s sensor, which is usable, but odd.  The scroll button turns out to be a little trackball.  It was very comfortable rolling the scroll button around.
Overall, I liked the Mighty Mouse enough that *I’ll* get one when I find one for sale…

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