So, I’m a product whore, what can I say?  I like to talk about things that I use, or will be using, and whether they work or not…. What does that have to do with this post?  Well, this morning, while reading Harmony-Central, I noticed a new product announcement.  Duh, yeah, that’s all Harmony-Central is good for, but I digress…  Line 6 has announced a new product called the TonePort.  At first, it was, ho-hum, ANOTHER computer guitar recording interface, yawn.  Then I saw the software….
Incredible!  Guitar, bass, and voice effects, all by one of the premier audio modelling companies.  Why would I get my hopes up with this?  Most of the computer-based guitar modeller software sound worse than the hardware devices 15 years ago (Ack!  I can’t believe I REMEMBER playing guitar that far back!)  Why should Line 6 be different?  Well, because the software is already done, and out in the wild.  The software looks to be based upon the Guitarport software, which has *dramatically* improved since it was initially released.  Plus, Line 6 has offered ‘Model Packs’ that allow one to upgrade software and hardware for a reasonable price.  I’m sure those will show up for the TonePort quick enough.
Now, here’s my hopes… There are explicit specifications for Macintosh.  PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE get the software to work with the Mac!  I might have to upgrade from a Mini to a Powermac just for that!  Also, on the Windows version, TEST WITH SONAR!  If the TonePort can feed Cakewalk’s Sonar with minimal latency through WDM drivers, I’d be very happy.
Now, to just be able to play the guitar better….

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