As I detailed in my previous post, I ended up getting an iSight for my mac mini.  First problem that I have is that the Mac mini only has one Firewire port.  I have two Firewire devices.  I have an M-Audio FW-1814, and now the iSight.  So, I started off getting a Belkin Firewire hub.  I first tried running the iSight through the 1814 pass-through.  That seemed to work, until I ran the iSight updater.  Then the computer ‘grey-button of death’ showed up near the end of the iSight update.  From that point on, the only way I can get the iSight and the 1814 to work together is to plug the iSight in AFTER the comptuer is running.  This still gives the ‘grey-button of death’.
Anyone else hit this problem?

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