Wow, last week was one of the best weeks I’ve ever had in my life! 
It started late Friday with my yearly review.  That went VERY well, it seems that my boss is very happy with my work.  Now, I’ve just got to work harder to get better…
Saturday was working in Miami, then doing a quick stop at my favorite music store.  They had gotten a new guitar in, which I got to demo for a good bit.
Sunday was a ‘shopping spree’ day.  I needed some new work clothes, and being that my birthday was close at hand, I had a good excuse to drop some money at Macy’s.  Next, I was able to pick up a Mighty Mouse for my Mac.  Finally, I hit Best Buy for an add-on pack to Rollercoaster Tycoon 3.  I also found a new chair in Best Buy, but wasn’t able to pick it up because it wouldn’t fit in my car!
Monday was my birthday.  Usually, the office that I work in passes around a card and does birthday cake.  I was being nice and unobtrusive, so that they could ‘surpise’ me… Hey, it’s a wonderful gesture.  Unfortunately, the only person who was surprised was me, as nothing happened at work… (More on this later…)  After work, I was determined to get the chair, so I managed to drag one of my friends who has a Jeep out to help me get the chair.  He and his girlfriend helped me get the chair, then they took me out to dinner.  Once I got home, I put the chair together fairly quickly.  All in all, it was a great birthday.
Tuesday, I poked my head into our Office Manager’s area, to check on the ‘birthday list’.  (Hey, I got missed last year because of a hurricane.  Two years in a row is unacceptable<grin>).  Turns out that someone thought it was the 29th.. WTF!?!  Ok, maybe 15 could be transmuted into 29 somehow…  Ended up with a nice card and cake at the office.  Then my friend Rick came up, and we had dinner, and hit the mac store again.  He wants more guitar lessons, and since we live about 30 minutes from each other, he ‘helped’ me get an iSight for the mac.  He’s already got one, so we are going to try to work out lessons via iChat.  It should prove to be interesting.
Wednesday, I ended up at a happy hour with one of my friends that I used to work with.  I had a lot of fun, and was able to catch up on the going’s on of several of my co-workers from my old company.  I even set up a meeting with one of my other old co-workers, because I was going to be in Tampa for the weekend for work.
Thursday and Friday were preparing for a community opening (I work for a home builder).  Friday I set up the iSight and got it to work fairly well (More on that in another post).
Finally, this past weekend, I worked the launch.  After a bit of a screwup at the rental car company (NEVER, EVER rent a car from Payless), I was able to help out with a very crazy launch.  We did extremely well.  There is a little bit of personal stuff that happened durin this time that has me VERY positive on life.  Plus, I was able to stop by and catch up with one of my old co-workers.
It’s been a good week.  I’ll have more news later…

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