I survived the hard part of the weekend!  Two major concerts in
three days, plus working on a consulting project, and a friend’s
birthday.  Gotta say, I had fun.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean all the events were good.

First off, never go see a concert a Sound Advice Ampitheatre. 
Both shows that I saw this weekend where at this venue.  I was not
able to make out the words of ANY of the bands (and I saw a LOT of
bands).  Mixes were horrible, no balance to the sound at
all.  It might have something to do with being an open-air
ampitheatre, but I’ve seen great shows at Pompano Beach Ampitheatre, so
I don’t think THAT’s an excuse.  One thing that was different is
that the bands I saw this weekend were alternative rock and/or metal
bands.  A lot of these guys go for the ‘heavy buzz-saw’ sound,
which is OK on a CD, but terrible live.  Three chords and some
space go a LONG way live.

Also one other thing that truly disappointed me was people’s
behavior.  Ok, so the concert was OzzFest, but jeez, does EVERYONE
have to act like an a-hole?  There were some very nice people
there, but there were some real losers, too.  To all the people
that threw grass and mud during one of the sets, YOU are the reason
concert prices go up.  Plus, you piss the rest of the people
off.  I had absolutely NO sympathy for the people that were being
forcefully thrown out of the concert.  I do not like to have to
watch my back while trying to watch a concert.  You guys probably
doomed the ‘lawn seating’ for that concert venue (although WHY someone
would want to listen to the horrible mixing job is beyond me).

Sorry about the rant, but I don’t like having to have fights with
friends, just because I tried to get out of the way of being hit with
flying mud and grass.

Tomorrow, I should have a more positive blog (I hope!)


2 thoughts on “I survived the weekend… (Concert Reports!)

  1. Sorry they concerts were so bad. I’m hardly a music expert (yet!) but that’s been my observation about a lot of rock concerts too. There is so much noise, you can’t even hear the lyrics! How are you supposed to enjoy the music that way? That’s also one reason I don’t like the that outdoor ampitheater where they had Ozzfest. I went to an Ozzfest once, and all I did for the entire day was sweat my butt off and and sit on the grass. If I’m gonna pay like $40-50 for a concert, I want air conditioning and music I can UNDERSTAND! This is one reason I rarely go to concerts – too expensive and the sound is so bad you can’t understand them!

  2. It’s funny. You’d think with over 40 years of this being a problem, SOMEONE would figure it out. The Beatles had 100 watt PAs. I have a guitar AMP that’s over a 100 watts. Instruments are AWAYS louder than vocals. So, pulling the instruments back to hear the vocals is imperative. Unfortunately, that pisses the ‘players’ off, so the whole thing turns into this big ball of mud (no pun intended). I’ve always been very hesitant to ‘turn-up’ when playing in a group, as an overbearing guitar player is NOT what people want to hear. Balance is the key, and in any band that has a singer, the singer is the MOST important part of the band (which leads to LSD, but that’s a different story) [LSD is Lead Singer’s Disease]

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