I’ve been asked by many people ‘Why do you drive a ‘vette?’ (or any other sports car for that matter).  I always have a bunch of logical reasons like safer, good gas mileage, not as outrageously expensive as one would think, etc…  What it really comes down to is two reasons:  1.  I love to drive a nice sports car and 2. I learned it from my Grandpa.
For the first reason, I drive a LOT.  My current ‘vette has over 135,000 miles on it (and it’s a 2000 model).  I actually have had very few problems with the car, for the amount of miles it has.  The ‘vette I had before, a 1998 model, had almost 80,000 miles on it.  I really love driving these kinds of cars.  What else can I say?
The second reason is probably much more interesting…  I think that I learned my love of sports cars from my Grandpa.  I don’t ever remember him having something that wasn’t at least sporty.  He NEVER had a car that had more than two doors.  Over time, he owned everything from a ’72 Corvette to an ’89 Honda Prelude.  And he always used them as daily drivers, and he drove almost as much as I do now. 
In fact, he *encouraged* me with sports cars.  At one point in time, I needed him to co-sign on my first car loan.  I had found a nice little early nineties Nissan 240Z.  I drug my grandfather out to take a look.  We test drove it, he’s like, ‘Not bad’.  The dealer also had a brand new Corolla in the same price range.  We took it for a test drive.  My grandpa wasn’t impressed.  We decided to skip both cars, but we had an interesting conversation on the way home.  We were discussing practicality, feasabiliity, insurance, and maintenance.  I finally asked, ‘Which one would you get?’  He smiled and said, ‘Definitely NOT the corolla’.  I ended up not purchasing either one, but later, he helped me get my first real sports car, an MR2.
Enough walking down memory lane for now…

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