One day off in three weeks… Ack!  I’m looking forward to this weekend, I need a little bit of a break.  Things have been going very well, but very hectic.  I did a conversion from Visual Studio 2003 to 2005, plus converted our data from one system to another.  I’ve been researching a couple other projects, and doing the miscellaneous help work, plus helping our new programmer.
Even with being this busy, burnout has crept in.  I tried to play guitar a night or two ago, and couldn’t even begin to focus on it.  I haven’t really programmed much in the last week, as doing conversions usually means making sure the data matches up, then doing some tweaking.  I’ve even been kinda short with my boss, and that’s certainly NOT good.  (Yes, Rich, I know you’re reading this…)
I do have a plan to try to get past this ‘blah’ stage.  First off, I’m trying to get organized.  I’ve got to use the To Do list in Outlook and our issue tracking software to sort out what has to be done.  Second is play guitar.  After seeing that crazy cartoon I linked to earlier, I realize I need to get my butt back playing.  Finally, I need to turn off the computer.  I’ve been working on work at home every night for the last 3 weeks straight.  Exercising instead of surfing!
Hopefully, with my semi-plan, I’ll get past the burnout stage quickly!

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