Well, except for the University of Tennessee losing, the weekend was a good one.  First off, no trip to Orlando!  Yeah!  I enjoy travelling every now and then, but two weeks in a row being on the road was a little bit wearing. 
Second, I was able to get my guitar set up by a professional tech.  This is important.  For any guitar players reading this, at some point, have a good tech setup your guitar.  It will be amazing the difference.  I thought that my guitar played well.  I’ve been back practicing, and noticed that I was fighting the guitar a little bit.  So, off to the tech, and in 30 minutes, he had adjusted it, and, boom, it plays like a champ!  Also, my friend Rick was with me, and he’s got his own story to tell…
Finally, Sunday was a nice day of rest.  I was finally able to get Windows Vista installed on a virtual machine (thanks VMWARE!).  Plus I was able to watch the race, some football, and some golf.
Monday, I’ll be back to the rat race, but right now, I’m just happy…

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