I had an eye-opening experience this weekend.  Mainly it was that I have a LOT to learn on playing the guitar.  As I detailed in my previous post, I was invited out to jam with a band that was playing out on Saturday night.  The bass player and guitar player are father and son team. I used to work with the dad.  I found out that he used to do these open mic jams, so I was hanging out with him and his family quite a bit.  I knew the son when he was just starting to play…  He’s become a guitar monster, an incredible player.  I was honored that they would invite me to jam.
At the show, they had an awesome groove going, they played for three hours straight!  They had a couple of guests sing and play with them, and everyone was really incredible.  I almost backed out, because they had such a KILLER groove going, plus I was a little bit nervous, it’s been a while since I played in front of an audience.  I’m glad I did pull out the guitar, though.  My buddy Rick had shown up, and he wanted to see me play…  (Dude, I REALLY, REALLY appreciate the moral support!  Thanks for kicking me into playing!)
On to the reason for the post…  The style of ‘Blues’ is a one of the most important styles out there, as it is the core of rock’n’roll.  There are a lot of dichotomies in the blues.  It’s very expressive and very rigid at the same time.  It has very specifc chord progressions and scales.  It’s very emotional.  It’s very easy to play, but VERY difficult to get the feel right.
Unfortunately, what I realized it that *I* cannot play the blues.  I need a LOT more practice to be convincing.  My style is more classical, which can translate into hard rock and metal easier.  Back to my ‘Blues you can use’ books for me!

One thought on “Playing the blues is a LOT tougher than it looks or sounds

  1. You know they say you have to suffer to be able to play the blues. You are lucky because I am in a position to help you with that! :)Seriously, it also takes an ear for tat style of music. If you don’t hear it in your head its har to make it happen. You should listen to some old blues (BB King, Albert King), Eric Claption, Stevie Ray or even some old Allman Brothers.

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