I’ve complained a LOT about my motherboard that I put in my computer.  It never seemed to run right, and I NEVER could get it boot the drives correctly.  The problems were never enough to do something about it, though.  There were a couple of BIOS upgrades that seemed to help, but none ever fixed my problems with the computer.  Saturday, I tried to upgrade the BIOS once again to see if that would fix the hard drive problem.  Unfortunately, that failed so badly that the motherboard would not even boot.  This is the BEST thing that could have happened, as I went and replaced it with a board.  Compusa had an Abit NF8 in stock.  Usually, I’ll order online to save some money, but I needed this to be working now, and the price difference was not that great.  (less than $20)
What a great motherboard!  I didn’t realize that the Hard drive controller on the old board was bad.  I knew it was flaky, but I had *NO* idea how flaky.  My drive access is MUCH faster, and the computer seems a LOT more responsive.  WOW!  Great job Abit!

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