WordPress.com is out of beta, and has some pretty cool tools.  I’ve signed up, and may switch my blog over to there at some point.  There are good points about both MSN Spaces and WordPress.
MSN Spaces:
  1. Integrates with MSN Messenger.  It’s cool that your contacts can see when you’ve updated your space with pictures, blog entries, lists, etc…
  2. Great photo storage.  I like the way that it’s very easy to preview photos and I love the built in slide show.
  3. Nice blog editor inside of Internet Explorer.
  4. MSN Search has me at the top of the list when searching for my name!
  5. An API is being developed for external editors.
  6. Ads are not very intrusive (yet).
  7. Major corporation backing the service, so it won’t go away until the ‘fad’ does.


  1. It’s not Microsoft or Google.
  2. It’s not so busy on screen.
  3. Works great on non Microsoft browsers.
  4. Photo uploading has been added.
  5. Much better control of the site through the admin pages.
  6. Can add seperate pages very easily.
  7. Better statistics and notifications.

Once WordPress gets their photo stuff working, I think it’s going to be the ‘premier’ blog site.  I like MSN Spaces, too, as it’s VERY easy to use and maintain.  I think that’s important.  If it takes a lot of effort to maintain, people are not going to use a service.


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