The company that I work for switched to Visual Studio 2005 within days of the release.  There were numerous changes that we wanted and needed in the new release.  The environment is great, BUT, there are several things that I think need to change.  And, here they are! 

  1. Profiling needs to work with Unit Testing.  One of the new features of Visual Studio Team Edition for Developers is that a Profiler is included.  This is a great feature.  Also, unit testing is included.  That’s ANOTHER great feature.  Unfortunately, the two don’t work together.  There is no way to set the profiler to profile while selected tests are being run.
  2. No more projects for Web sites.  I understand the reasons, but in practice, these are horrible.  Delete a file from source control, and it will get re-added by a team member when they do their project check-in.  And .exclude is just an absolutely poor way to solve the problem.
  3. Many of the screens do not save their complete layout information.  Case in point, the Test Manager screen.  There is a drop down list to select how the grid is grouped by.  I like to see the tests grouped by namespace, so I set that.  Once I close and re-open Visual Studio, my grouping is gone, and I have to reselect the namespace field all over again.  While not critical, this is VERY irritating.
  4. Visual Studio still uses the registry!?!  Didn’t a lot of changes in .NET 2.0 go to set up configurations to NOT use the registry?  It would save a LOT of headaches (especially to us ‘beta testers’) when upgrading to new version.
  5. All the paths used by Visual Studio should be changable via the dialog boxes inside the IDE.  Currently, the only way to change some of the directory locations is to search the registry… (See #3)
  6. Speed, speed, speed…  I have a dual Xeon 3.0 GHz box with SCSI drives, the swap drive not on the windows drive, and it’s STILL slow.
  7. More refactorings, please!  Why not break out the refactoring module so that it can constantly be updated?  Companies like DevExpress and Jetbrains are going to be adding and updating their refactorings constantly!  Why can’t Microsoft do the same?

I have more gripes with Visual Studio.  More to come…


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