This post should really be in guitar playing and computer programming categories, but since MSN Spaces only allows for 1 category per post, it goes in the ‘Life in General’ category…  Now, on to the post…
Lately, life has thrown a LOT of curveballs at me.  Some, I’ve done very well, and some, well… not so well.  One thing that’s really hit home lately is that there is too much information to absorb on any topic, let alone *all* the topics that one needs to use in everyday life.  Therefore, one must specialize.  Here’s my examples:
First off, I play guitar.  Unfortunately, it’s not a regular thing.  I need to be practicing EVERY night.  My focus is changing from reading about stuff on the internet to actually doing something.  The 15 minutes I read posts on Birds and Moons (a PRS guitar fan forum) should go to practicing.  And not just practicing any old thing.  I need to practice Classical guitar.  Even though I love rock’n’roll, blues, jazz, and just about anything except (c)rap, my strength is classical guitar.  I’m a terrible improvisor, even though I practice that all the time.  It has taken almost 17 years of guitar playing to realize that.
Second, my job.  I work as a software developer.  One of the hardest things for me to do is admit that I *LOVE* to debug code.  I happen to be VERY good at it.  I like design and planning, but I have no patience for writing every little thing up.  It has been hard to shift away from software design to software maintenance.
Oh well… I’m rambling, it’s been a quiet couple of months, but I think I’m going to get back on the blogging horse…

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