A while back, I had written about Microsoft and Tight Coupling.  My development team is facing the same issue, if on a much smaller scale.  We have one database and one common library for 5 different programs.  We are doing this to appease the great god, Reusability.  At one point, we had several different libraries that worked together.  The problem that we ran into was that when a change was made in one library, it was not properly tracked down in the other libraries.  This would lead to failed builds.  Not a good thing.

On the other hand, we now have a more, ah, interesting problem.  When one piece of software goes to production, they ALL have to go to production.  One stored procedure change can change the behavior of the common library, which effectively changes the behavior for all of the applications.  We have started merging the applications, but it is a slow and time consuming process.

Solving this is going to be tricky…


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