Previously, I had created a short list of things that I *REALLY* wanted to see in Visual Studio 2005’s first update.  Well, it turns out that the first one on the list was already there!!!
I found out today that one *CAN* profile Unit Test Cases.  It’s very weird in the way to *DO* it, but it can be done.  The secret (and try to find this in the docs!) is that the Unit Test has to have been run, and the results be showing up in the Test Results window.  Once the test case has been run, you can right click on the test in the test results window, and a menu item with ‘Create Performance Session’ will be visible.  Clicking that menu will cause the IDE to setup a profiling session for that Unit Test.  I got MUCH better results profiling a unit test rather than profiling my ASP.NET site.  Please note that this only works with Visual Studio Team Services Developer’s Edition.
Thanks to IanWho’s articles that actually explain how to use Microsoft’s Profiler.

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