Gonna find out who’s naughty or nice…
<We interrupt this really badly sung Christmas carol for an interesting programming announcement…>
Lists, lists, lists… One habit that I’ve never been great at, but I use EVERY day.  A list is a great way to increase productivity.  Just being able to list something out gives one a sense of direction and scope.  Take, for example, my  exercise routine.  Right now, my routine is… do exercise.  Blah!  Yuck!  That doesn’t help at ALL!!!  So, what if we change that into a list, like so?
  1. Walk for 20 minutes
  2. Do 20 push-ups
  3. Do 20 sit-ups

Much better!  Now, the trick is to apply that to my everyday life.  When one can create a repeatable process, one is more likely to follow that process.  Once I write something down like that, I can follow the instructions without thinking about them.


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