I’ve scoffed at the new iPod videos, just because it doesn’t seem very practical and because it doesn’t play subsciption music.  Well, scratch *one* argument I have.  One of the guys that I work with brought in a brand new iPod video, with a video running on it… GREAT GOOGLEY-MOOGLEY!!!  Crystal clear video, and the screen is big enough to actually watch a movie, video or TV show…  Now, all Apple has to do is put a DVD ripper into iTunes (and maybe rename it to iEntertainment)…

2 thoughts on “Ok, I’m impressed (iPod content)

  1. Yeah, the video on the new iPod is quite nice. I just got the 60GB version. It is so slim and light, you almost forget you have the thing in your pocket! It’s amazing that this little thing holds 60GB of space! I’m still waiting for Apple to add DVD burning to iTunes before I start actually buying TV shows on iTunes. DVD burning is noticably absent in the current version. I predict this will appear on January 10th.

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