Yes, we all know that that Apple announced a new iMac and a new MacBook Pro at this year’s AppleWorld.  There’s some *VERY* interesting things going on with these new boxes.  First off, it’s a step backwards.  WHAT!?!  The ‘old’ iMac that has been out for 3 months is a 64-bit processor.  The Intel Core Duo’s are *NOT*.  They are 32-bit processors.  Two of them, but still, not a dual 64-bit core.  In fact, the Centrino/Pentium M and Core Duo’s are based upon Pentium III cores!  Wow!  Where was this Pentium III speed 4 years ago?
Ok, the above information is interesting, but *NOT* how Apple disappointed me.  10.4.4 is what has disappointed.  I have a Mac mini that runs well enough, but I have a huge problem with a couple of devices.  I have the M-Audio FW-1814.  It’s an awesome firewire-based audio converter.  I also have the iSight.  It is also a firewire device.  Well, the Mac Mini only has one firewire port.  This presents a problem.  There are two ways to connect two firewire devices to one firewire port… either daisychain them, or get a firewire hub.  To make a long story short, neither one of these methods workd with my Mac Mini and said devices.  One of the updates for 10.4.4 was the audio and firewire drivers.  Unfortunately this didn’t help the problem.  I uninstalled the drivers, reinstalled the drivers, etc… No joy. 
I don’t understand *HOW* the mac mini is supposed to be a jumping off point to a media center… 1 firewire port, and 2 usb ports?  and one of the usb ports is taken up by the keyboard and mouse?  Plus, most devices don’t like being plugged into hubs… 
And finally, while I’m bitching about Apple, I’m going to throw one last little barb in… I *LOVE* .NET 2.0!!!!  Apple needs a language/libraries like that.  I tried working with XCode, but was supremely disappointed.  Plus, with the odd direction that Java on the mac is going… (why pull Cocoa support for Java application rendering?)  I just wonder if a ‘modern’ language will integrate into the Mac?  *Dave now ducks as the C++ and Mono people throw stones*
Basically, for me, the Mini has turned into a very expensive paperweigth.  Oh well, live and learn.

2 thoughts on “Apple disappoints again…

  1. I’ll start reading a little bit more… Between trying to learn HTML/Javascript + CSS, ASP.NET, and gawd only knows with Avalon (WinFX), I MIGHT get a little bit of time <grin>.

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