I’m not, by nature, a TV person.  I like the new BattleStar Galactica and Firefly (please, please, please keep that series going!) and live sports, but that’s about it.  Unfortunately, there may be a new show for me to get hooked on.  Love Monkey.  The premise is interesting, if highly unlikey, an honest A/R rep for a record company and his rather odd love life.  (Not *that* odd, he is straight)  What’s interesting is that it was fairly easy to identify with the guy, Tom.  In the first episode, the guy looses his job and his girl, all in one day.  The interesting part about it is that he has a ‘best girl friend’.  She hits him with some real interesting truths about his life, which *really* hit home with me.  It doesn’t hurt that she sounds exactly like a person I know…
All in all, the show started off interesting… Hopefully it will be available for purchase or reruns…

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