If you check out my photos, you’ll notice that I uploaded a couple of new pictures to my ‘guitars and amps’ collection.  I finally got a couple of pictures of my guitar that I’ve had on layaway for a while.  The pictures are to remind me to pay it off soon!
Now, why would I put a guitar on layaway for a long time?  Sometimes, you just get a special one that you *KNOW* you should not let go of.  And this one certainly is one of those!  It’s got a very interesting history…
The guitar is a 1999 Goldtop Brazillian rosewood-necked McCarty from Paul Reed Smith Guitars.  In 1999, PRS did a run of 250 McCarty’s with a Brazillian rosewood neck.  They all were supposed to have see-through finishes to show off the wood.  Well, somehow, *one* Goldtop was made.  Apparently, the guitar was finished before the factory realized that it was not ‘supposed’ to have been made.  Normally, the factory will bandsaw a guitar that is not correct.  Fortunately (for me at least ), this guitar was finished, so they decided to ship it out to a perferred dealer to sell quietly.  I do not know which dealer that was (unfortunately).  The guitar got passed around, and during that time, some kind soul decided to change the pickups.  A gentleman by the name of Glenn in Orlando, didn’t like the McCarty pickups, and had gotten his hands on a set of PRS #10 pickups.  These pickups are *ALMOST* as rare as this guitar.  Well, Glenn put the #10 pickups into this McCarty… It was a match made in guitar heaven.  I have know idea *WHY* Glenn decided to sell it, but it ended up in a shop down here in South Florida.  I played it a couple of times, and I absolutely fell in LOVE with the guitar.  It played incredibly well, and it have a very distinct tone.  I had the option of buying this guitar or getting a GREAT deal on a Modern Eagle.  The heart won out, and I put away the goldtop. 
Now, I’ve just got to pay the darned thing off!

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