This is going to be one of my more prosaic posts. 
After the new year, I got on a scale.  I hit 233 lbs, and I was *NOT* happy.  That’s the heaviest I’ve EVERY been.  And unfortunately, I know why.  Life’s rollercoasters have been taking a lot of down turns lately.  Between trying to sort out my living situation, a really suck-y Christmas, and just one disaster after another happening on the personal life, I was ready to give up.  I had been sitting on the couch at night just eating popcorn and chex mix.  Something had to change, and giving up was *NOT* an option.
So, about two weeks ago, I started to set a fairly easy exercise schedule.  Three times a week, for a half hour to an hour a session.  Tack on a half hour to hour of guitar practice, and no more popcorn and chex mix, plus cut back on the pasta.  It seems to be helping.  I’ve calmed down a LOT now that my energy is being channeled somewhere else.  I’ve lost a pound a week, which is my goal.  I can keep the three nights a week thing up fairly easily.  Hopefully, this marks a turn around in my life (again!)

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