The title on this is both sincere and sarcastic…
I have had Bellsouth’s FastAccess DSL for almost 6 years.  For the most part, the service has been excellent, and the speeds have been good and consistent since day 1.  I started out with the 1.5 mbit/second, then moved to 3.0 mbit/second when it was offered a couple of years ago.  I’ve been very happy with the service, and the price has even dropped!  (Take that, cable!) 
Unfortunately, *before* our hurricanes from 2005, my service started developing a hiccup.  Every now and then, the modem would just drop the connection, for no apparent reason.  For the most part, it would sync back up after a few minutes, then go on with no issues.  Then, the nasty hurricanes came through.  Two weeks to get the DSL restored, with a LOT of problems with every other service imaginable in the area.  The sync issues started to get worse.  For the most part, I wrote that off to hurricane damage. 
I tried calling the service center when the modem would loose sync, but usually by the time I spoke to someone, the line had corrected itself.  I was starting to get fustrated.  First, Bellsouth sent me a new modem (mine was over 3 years old).  They did this free of charge, even though the warranty had expired on the modem.  (Big thumbs up for that!)  Unfortunately, the problem persisted.  I kept calling the service center every time my line would drop.  Eventually, they sent a tech out to take a look at my house.  He couldn’t find any issues, but he called in and had some parameters adjusted on my line.  This still didn’t help.  I kept calling the service center, and every time they reset the port on the D-Slam, my line would work for a while.  I was not happy about this, but I could live with it.
The final straw came this weekend.  I had a project due for work and I needed to RDP into my work computer.  I started working on the DSL, and poof, the line went haywire.  I couldn’t keep it running for more than a moment or two at a time.  I called Bellsouth, and I was furious.  Five months, no solution, and no one was listening to me that the problem was on their end.  I called tech support with the ultimatum, ‘Fix it or I go to cable’. 
My support call was on a Saturday.  On Sunday, an *AWESOME* tech showed up @ 9:00 am.  He looked over my house line, and said everything was fine.  I told him about the problems that I was having with the port, and how when the service center reset the port, everything would work for a bit.  He said that he would go and move my connection from my current port to a different port.  Heaven’s to Betsy, it WORKED!  FINALLY!  Why did it take so long for someone to do something simple like that, I have *NO* idea. 
One of the side benefits to this was that the new port supports the 6 mbit/second transfer rate!  That showed up on my options for my DSL the very next day!  To say the least, I ordered that, and am now *VERY* happy with my download speed!

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