Ok, so maybe I’m a human newsbot, but this article by Joel Spolsky *really* hit home.  This is a nice wrap up of how to deal with developers.  It has never made sense as to why business hire top notch developers, then be cheap on software, hardware, desks, even chairs.  Also, it never made sense as to why a business would bring in a developer and then have them do things like troubleshoot the network, fix the mail server, or do any other IT or helpdesk request.
Now, the collorary of the ‘focused developer’ is that developers tend to *like* to do these things.  If the network seems to be running slow, a developer will dig until they find out why it is slow.  It is very hard to let go of these things, especially when developers are supremely convinced that they can fix it better (and they are right…).
Ok, enough rambling, back to work for me!

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