Finally, some of my plans are bearing fruit!

First off, my apartment complex that is switching to condos decided to allow me to lease the apartment of one more year.  This reduces my stress level by an enormous amount!  By this time next year, I should have 5 – 10% of a house payment put away, and can start looking for a townhouse or house.

Second, I am finally making some headway with my bills.  Last year I started using some financial software to manage my money.  I made a budget, and started trying to live on it.  With only a few hiccups, I’ve been able to do so.  It is *very* hard to decide to live only on your paycheck.  Fortunately, my job has gone well enough to allow me to get ahead.  I certainly hope to continue this trend in the near future!  Plus, I received a surprise today… my credit card interest rates had dropped!  Now, to put even *more* money to the principal to pay them off!

Last, work has taken an *interesting* turn.  We’ve started to experiment with Microsoft SQL Server 2005’s Analysis Services.  Whoa boy!  I’ve been writing WAY too much code.  Much of the data transformation is handled by this nice software… Now to learn Reporting Services!


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