I go through cycles. Sometimes, it’s computers, sometimes it’s the job, and sometimes it’s music. I’m back into the music phase! Here’s why:

First off, I volunteered to play classical guitar for my friend’s wedding. I was just supposed to play for an hour between the ceremony and the reception (it’s at the same location). He asked if I could play the music for the wedding ceremony itself! Uh-oh, I had to find the sheet music for it. It turns out that they only need the bridal march and the wedding march. I was able to pick the Wedding March up quickly… so… I agreed to play the wedding. What was I thinking!?! Fortunately, it’s not for a couple of months, so I have a lot of time to get everything right.

Second, my friend Rick has started playing guitar. He’s come a *long* way in a year. I’ve been trying to help (with varying degrees of success, I’m not a good teacher). That has opened up my eyes quite a bit. Trying to explain *how* to play is very challenging! My hat is off to all of the teachers out there, music and otherwise! Plus, watching him make progress pushes *me* to start making some progress.

Third, I picked up a *monster* of a guitar. I told the story of ‘Goldie’ in an earlier post. Now that she’s ‘legit’, I’ve been more inclined to play her. This guitar is a tone demon. I dusted off the tubes from my amp over the weekend. Oh my Gawd! Goldie sang! Tone, tone, tone!!! Even playing through my POD XT Live, it sounds terrific. I can’t believe that I’m allowed to play this guitar. Someone like Joe Satriani or Steve Vai, or Warren Haynes, or Derek Trucks should have this guitar. It’s amazing… It’s so good, I want to get hooked up with a band and go back out playing.

Finally, live music is coming back into my life. I’ve got tickets to see Journey and Def Leppard on Monday (how do you have a rock concert on a MONDAY!?!) Also, a friend of mine’s band is playing on Friday night, and I plan to go see them. And the TV show ‘Rockstar: Supernova’ has kicked off. Very cool, having a live band on stage with some incredible singers.

All in all, it adds up to having a fire lit under me to get back playing again, and maybe even pushing myself to a new level. One can dream!


2 thoughts on “Back into playing music

  1. Hey you should record and post something to your site. I found it by searching for rockstar supernova. Anyway check out my site if you ever want to talk about anything from the show.

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