Ok, my blogging has slowed down. I have too many things going on, and that means some things are slipping. Between regular work and my ‘side jobs’, I’ve not had much time to write in the last couple of weeks. Other than Sundays, today has been the first night I’ve had off in over three weeks. I like helping people get their computers working, and I certainly like the extra money, but I’ve GOT to back off a bit.

The other thing that’s been keeping me busy is my guitar playing. I had worked my playing to a new level recently, and I can feel it slipping a bit. It feels wonderful to be able to play some of the ‘speed’ licks that I thought I never could play. More practice, and I’ll get them right and comfortable. Maybe… <grin>

Last, but certainly not least, with AMD dropping the prices on their processors, I’ve been in the market for some new parts. My friend Rick decided to build himself a new system. That lit a fire. I’ve had my system for two years, and have been *EXTREMELY* happy with it (hey, I get good frame rates in FarCry, what more can you ask for?) But, with dual core processors going as low as $150, it was too hard to resist.

Now, I have one of the 754 Athlon 64s with an AGP video card. This meant that I would have to replace darn near everything in this upgrade. Fortunately for me, the 939 x2’s *also* went on firesale. I was able to pick up a 4400+ X2 939 + mobo for a *very* good price. I did need a new video card, but I will NOT have to replace the memory. I’ll take my *little* victory. <grin> Hopefully, this stuff should be in by Friday, and I’ll have something to play with on the weekend.


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