This has definitely been a rollercoaster week!  Some good, some bad, and some, I just don’t know how to classify.

First, the good.  My company is now in our new offices.  The exact seating arrangement is not final (supposedly), but at least we are here, no more running back and forth.  Also, I started playing softball with the company team.  I’m terrible, but at least it’s exercise and some time to get to know other people at the new office.  Because of the move, I was able to get a new couch for free.  It turns out that the free couch is the exact same type of couch as my old one!  There has also been some interesting personal developments that are not going to be mentioned at this time in my blog.  More on that later <grin>.

Second, the bad. I’ll start with the petty and work my way up.  The seating arragements are horrible for me.  My cube opens up into a central walkway.  Everytime *anyone* walks by, I turn around.  It’s not very helpful at keeping my concentration going.  Next, I *almost* bought a new car.  It would have been great, except for the fact that it was already sold and gone before I got there.  <sigh>  Now my appatite has kicked in, and the search for a new ‘vette is on.  Finally, the lock in my door to my apartment broke the night I got back from softball practice.  I have another blog post going up detailing that story.

Finally, the unclassify-able.  My job is changing.  I don’t like it.  I want to be programming.  Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be in the cards.  For the company’s sake (and my sake),  I am more valuable because I know the business.  It’s a great position to be in, but I feel like such a fish out of water.  I believe I can do the job, but it definitely is outside my comfort zone.  I guess it is time to grow up a bit, and step up.

There is a lot for me to think about from this week.


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