Never turn down tickets for a show, you never know what you will see.  Today at 5:45, my friend Rich called me and said he had an extra ticket for the James Gang concert.  Now, since my only plans were to sit at home and watch the race, plus the venue being less than 6 miles from my house, I quickly agreed.

The concert was interesting.  Everyone came out to see Joe Walsh, and he didn’t disappoint.  The problem was that all they did were James Gang songs…  Joe’s been in a lot of bands, and done a lot of popular songs, but tonight I think people only recognized 3 or 4 songs that they did.  This, in turn, caused the crowd to be a little more restless than you would expect for a headlining band.  Plus, the mix was a little quiet.  The overall volume was low, and Joe’s guitar was pretty quiet too.

All in all, a good show.  (Especially for last minute tickets!)


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