I have so many titles running through my head on this one, that I ended up with something generic… Oh well.  The content, though, is pretty cool <grin>

Here’s the setup.  I like the band Queensryche.  I’ve been listening to them for almost 18 years (please don’t let that make this ‘classic rock!’).  A friend of mine knows that I like the band, and when she received a ‘pre-sale’ promotion code to allow one to buy tickets before they went to the general public, she sent it to me.  This was in April or May (I can’t remember).  I IMMEDIATELY bought tickets as soon as the presale started and ended up with 12th row tickets.  That’s pretty cool to begin with…  I invited my friend Rick along, ’cause he’s a big fan as well.

So, Friday night was the show.  It almost didn’t happen because of an over-hyped thunderstorm named ‘Ernesto’.  Fortunately, South Florida was spared from that storm, and the show went on.  BUT, it was raining.  Not outrageously hard, but a good rain was falling, and the show was at an outdoor venue.  I almost didn’t go, because of the rain.  So, when I get to the show, the first thing I did was pick up a T-shirt.  This turned out to be an INCREDIBLY smart move <grin>.  I found my seat, and my friend.  Once the show started it was still raining.  What’s a little rain, eh?  Queensryche was incredible.  The premise of this show was that they played the entire Opeeration Mindcrime albums back to back, live on stage.  All I can say is WOW!  They did an incredible job, great sound, great performance, cool acting, just incredible.

So, here’s where it gets interesting.  As we are leaving, the couple in front of us looks up and says, ‘Hey we won these things from the radio station, you want them?’  Rick looks at them and shugs… I looked at what they were handing us… Two little stickers that say ‘Queensryche Aftershow’.  I’m thinking, nah, these *can’t* be what I think they are.  I ask them, ‘Are you sure?’  They were like ‘Yeah, we’re leaving’.  So I’m like ‘OK, we will definitely take them’.  Rick’s looking at me a little puzzled.  So I explain…. ‘They just handed us back stage passes to meet the band’.  He’s like ‘You’re kidding’.  ‘Nope, let’s check with security…’

Sure enough, they were back stage passes!!!!! OMG!!!!

So, we ended up getting to meet the band.  Both Rick and I had bought the exact same t-shirt, so we got the band to sign our respective shirts!  Unfortunately, that means I can’t wear it, but, hey, I might just frame it!


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