At the risk of being a ‘link parrot’, here is a GREAT blog entry about being a programmer, and what it means to actually CARE about your work.
Thanks Rick for this incredible link.
Just a couple of comments about the entry.  I totally empathize with Pete.  The world HAS changed.  Unfortunately, what we are seeing in software development is analogous to the industrial age in manufacturing.  At one point, we had master craftsmen who could do work that would last a lifetime, but was expensive and took time to do.  Manufacturing and automation allowed people with lesser skills to produce goods much quicker, cheaper, and with a reasonable degree of quality.  I think that is what software development is turning into.  I don’t like it, I certainly don’t agree with it, but it seems to be the reality that is coming about.
So, when does the SCCA for Software Development meet, and how do I join?

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