This week has been the most amazing week in my life.  There are some SERIOUS changes coming in my life.  It is definitely a material upgrade to my lifestyle.  Some things that I’ve been working for are starting to come together.

First up was the ‘vette.  Purchasing a new car was something that I had planned to do before the end of the year.  it just turned out that this weekend was a good weekend to deal.

Next, the mystery purchase.    Well, not really a mystery purchase.  It’s just going to be a mystery how I’m going to be able to pay for it.  The item in question is a new house (townhouse, if you want to get technical).  I’ve been looking around for a new place to live, and out of the blue, my company has put a new development up for sale.  Working for a home builder has some *serious* advantages, which I cannot list here.

I will have more about this stuff later, I’m too tired to write anymore…


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