Stupid PowerShell Trick #3:
Do you hate the fact that the cursor ends up at the end of the path in the PowerShell shell?  Here’s a trick to make the prompt put a newline at the end of the path so that the caret always starts on the next line.
First, in your ‘My Documents’ folder create a directory called WindowsPowerShell, if it doesn’t already exist.  In the My DocumentsWindowsPowerShell directory, create a file called profile.ps1.  You can use this file to execute code when the shell starts up.  Edit the profile.ps1 file and add the following line to it:
function global:prompt {(get-location).path + "`n>"}
See, PowerShell allows you to link functions into the system.  Since there is no ‘Prompt’ command, you just have to override the global prompt function.  To put a new line in the text, we use `n as the escape character sequence.
This opens up a lot of cans of worms, but it’s interesting…

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